Friday, May 6, 2011

Satisfaction -My Five Senses

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 20; the twentieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. 
Tiny droplets of water on the glass window sill calling my imaginations and thoughts to be  typed and blogged.I inserted the image and now I stare at it for a long time .....

She was sitting inside her room near her widow.There was no current in the house because she was in India where the current goes off when it rains heavily  .Instead ,the room was lit with dim candle light.An half-emptied bottle of water lay beside the table .She went to reach it out when she saw a bank paper laying on the table requesting her glance.She at once agreed and scribbled a few words listening to the whispers and the noises that broke the silence on this dark night .


All the words were related to the happenings now.It's the water , its metamorphism , its transformation or say its name it your way .With a sigh , she opened the window .She could feel the rush of cool breeze in her room filling her body and her mind with some moist relaxation.She took a quick breath and noticed the tiny droplets hanging down the window sill waiting its turn to fall down.She slowly touched the droplets of water hanging on the iron rod that ran over her window.The soft water balls reflected her hands as she moved in front of it and it's surface , it spread itself on her hand.She loved the play.Again, she bend down to see the other droplets clearly.They reflected her face and her eyes.A curve called smile slowly appeared on her face.She moved back and sat on her chair looking at the droplets feeling the cold air filling her and her room.She took her pen from the pen stand and played with those written words from her paper.She collected how her five senses of seeing, hearing g,tasting,feeling, smelling had the role of water in each and every pace of her life .

After fifteen minutes, satisfied with her work she drank the water and emptied the bottle.A sense of satisfaction passed all over her body....W.A.T.E.R .

The two extremes of feelings
drizzle on every human life

as dew 

tear drops trickles near eyes
on an unexpected outcome 
precipitated feelings 
balancing my right weight 

as downpour 

Grief rains , showers my face
wet eyes and soul
pouring out the heaviness 
of the mind and heart
 balancing my left ,as I ride

on this journey of bumpy roads
splashing through emotions 
spraying precious liquid 
dripping from the eyes
silent untold words
straight from the Heart

The above image is a prompt given by blog-o-tonic to pen down my thoughts .I finished and saved my draft to be posted on May 7th.My tongue aches and now I move to my kitchen for that five letter precious word that fills my five senses with satisfaction - WATER.

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Image - Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
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