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Internet Dating Tips For Guys - Getting Hot Girls From Your Computer Chair Can Be Fun!

Internet Dating Tips For Guys - Getting Hot Girls From Your Computer Chair Can Be Fun!Yes it's true, even fat, nerdy, ugly guys are getting hot chicks on the internet. How is this possible you may be thinking. I thought it was impossible as first, but you have to understand the difference with the internet and face to face confrontation. When meeting a girl face to face, you are going to have some butterflies. You may even not go up to the girl at all and lose your chances completely. Since I see the trend and know most men can't get girls I wanted to write this article on internet dating tips for guys.

You see the internet game is very different so you have to approach it as such. Your initial fear of approaching women is thrown out the door. That is why so many people are having success with it. I have seen fat ugly guys get great looking women. How? Simply they know what to do and when to say certain things.

You have to hit certain triggers when a women is ready for it. Too soon and your toast, to late and your already a "friend". If you ever get in the fried zone it is very hard to get out. I suggest you try not to be in the "Best Friend" zone.

You have to learn how to separate yourself from the pack. If you are trying to message a decent looking girl, understand that she most likely has hundreds of messages in her inbox from other guys. Always think in your head...what will separate you from the rest of them? This is what will overall get you a date with this girl.

You have to keep her on her toes. Don't rush into complimenting her until she vomits. She knows you're being fake. Girls are NOT stupid! Poke some fun at her. Say some things like "You look like the type of girl who is always on the computer"...

Saying this will slightly offend her but is sure to get her to respond to you.

You just initiated the conversation and she is interested in responding to you! Internet dating is fun, that is, when you know how to do it right!

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Robert Kinney
July 9, 2012 at 11:58 PM delete

Getting women through online dating seems quite alright. If you need some dating tips for guys for online uses then see the net about it.

July 12, 2012 at 2:53 PM delete

First contact is very important. If you dont spark an interest the first time, then forget it. Just be youself..if you try too hard it will show.