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Is May 21 ,2011 is the Judgement day - a fact or hoax call ?

We all hear that some people say about the coming of Jesus Christ on Earth on  May 21 ,2011 ,called as the Judgement day and October 21,  2011 would be the end of the world.Is it a fact  or some hoax call to get attention ?.No one knows and no one dares to comment on it.Although there are many websites , YouTube videos and Twitter spreading these so called facts , people all over the world continue to live their lives  normal .

Few banners on the roadside might create some disturbances to the kids and some sensitive people of all age groups crossing the road .I was shocked in seeing a video telling how the world will end. NO, it is not the 2012 film I'm talking about .It is about the debate that is going on between the believers and non-believers that the world will end on or before December 2011.Let  me brief out some things I came across .If you are reading this and are interested in knowing more , continue to read it but dont believe it ;).OK,the fun part is over.Read on....

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Courtesy - Google Image
Courtesy - Google Images

It is been said that on May 21,2011 which is assumed to be the Judgement day ( also called as Doomsday) , God will reappear on Earth to take away all his disciples (followers) just in a second like a flash to his own place on heaven and then he torments the rest of others on the earth for five months till October 21,2011 .Then on that day, he destructs the Whole world by fire. This is what they have interpreted from the bible and passing this information everywhere through banners and social networking sites. Also it is been written in the great Mayan Calender  (A Calender from the Maya Civilization ) that in December 21, 2012 is the day when the 5,125 year-old Mayan calendar suddenly comes to an end, resetting to denoting the end of the Calender as well as the world .

Do I agree with all the details given above ?No .Let me say my assumptions now .Though the Mayan Calender really ends  on December 21,2012 ,it denotes the beginning of a New Age.It can be anything , anything thats really new  .There are lots of predictions made on the word " new " . One of them is this end of the world.

As I browsed more and more ,I came upon an answer more convincing to me

"The evangelical Christians have mistaken Jesus' words - the judgment day was for the nation of Israel in AD70. It heralded the end of the old covenant age, and the establishment of the new covenant age in which we are living today.

In astrology, someone also said: "End times" is not correct nor is "End of the world". Some Bibles have the correct translation: "End of the age". We are seeing the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The cosmic alignment of 12/21/12 will confirm this."

Read this will the world really end? to get more details on it.

As an ardent believer of God ,I can't accept the fact that God himself will destruct what he has himself has created and  taken care of so long .Though I am an Hindu, I also believe in Jesus , after all religions are only the names man has created not God.We are born , live and die the same way like all the people in all religion do.

So ,Think Positive ,HOPE and spread message that helps people to smile even though they are true or not . The time will come when the same God will do Miracles to save all Human kind from destruction ,the power of prayer for the believers and the power of positive thinking for the non -believers ".

As of the Mayan Calender, let us hope for the best .

Do you agree with me ? I do !

PS: Written on May 25,2011 .Finally ,we have crossed May 21 ,2011 and all is for good !

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