Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Snake Charmer :Another Visual Story

The Snake Charmer by Henri Rousseau 
The wild Jungle lay isolated with tall developed trees and striped green grasses on the ground.The rich flowers were the only ones that made the visiting flamingo from the nearby lake lighthearted .The night was eerie and the moon casts its shadow on tall and naked moving woman.She took something that resembled like a pipe and laid it slowly over her diaphoretic lips .

Suddenly the melancholy of the silent night was broken by a enchanting music.It came from pipe the woman was holding .This music was something the inhabitants of the Jungle had never heard before .The charming tunes from her instrument hypnotized the branches of the tress which wished to dance for her tunes.They decided to dance to her music.Magic..I must say.All of a sudden black and white striped patches appeared  on the trees and they slowly turned into a black snake  . They swayed and danced to her tunes as they neared the black human like figure.One daring snake danced around her neck as if it knew this woman for long.

She became another pied piper of Hamelin who lured her followers by her magic pipe.She carried them one by one into the lake nearby.As she immersed her feet in the water on the nearby lake ,its no wonder that the snakes followed her.The snake charmer went down and down into the lake drowning herself along with her followers.

Everything was over within an hour .The night was eerie again with the same silence that filled the Jungle before.

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