Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mc.Donald and its Violence going Viral ??

Very recently while browsing the NDTV for news, I witnessed a video titled Mc.Donald's beating goes viral ,makes headlines (link).The attack happened in Baltimore, Maryland.Yes, the video was very disturbing too.This is not the first time I see a violence in Mc Donald's making headlines , be it a true one or a made one .Yes, before going to any conclusion do read the post fully .

There has been news that a particular websites ****hiphop.com does these videos as a business , planning and making each attacks before making them go viral .Yes, that's what they do ,creating aggregating contents. .The script line being the blacks attacking the whites for some reasons and then they upload them in their websites for entertaining the fans of Hip Hop community .They also share them  through social networking sites making them go viral and  thereby drive traffic towards their website by which they earn their revenue .Yes, I have limited myself in not letting out the full links of that website because if I do then those guys would achieve what they want...Traffic.

Whats more worth noting is that, there were strong men who were standing and watching these attacks.But isn't they are the ones who should be actually stopping and diverting the attackers from causing more harms.By the way, what happened to the securities who should do their duty of guarding ?

Whatever the reason may be , these people taking these videos and uploading them are making the inactive racism(at least for a while) alive and active again with full force creating a bad tag to the big company which actually should be more careful keeping an eye on this kind of acts happening in its store bearing its name.

I did not embed any videos of such attack as I think they are violent disturbance for the yet to be peaceful world  .You can see the videos in the link above the post or by clicking here.


How you can help and what you can do 

In case , if you come to see such links do verify the actual truth before sharing them on your Face Book page or Twitter or any other social networking sites just for the sake of protecting ourselves from Cultural Decay

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