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Vedic Maths of By The Deficiency or Yaavadunam Sutra

Definition : Whatever the deficiency subtract that deficit from the number and write along side the square of that deficit.It is also called as Yaavadunam Sutra

This sutra is helpful in finding squares and cubes of any two digit-numbers .It can extend up to any number of digits for finding the square and cubes of  that particular number.But here I'm going use this sutra with different methods for finding squares for any two-digit  and three -digit numbers .

Method 1 :Using the Yaavadunam Sutra

1. 98 x 98 =9604

  1. The nearest power of 10 to 98 is 100.So we take our base value as 100.(Note: Base values should    always be powers of 10)
  2. We can see clearly that 98 is 2 less than 100.So we call this 2 as deficiency.
  3. Decrease the given number further by an amount equal to the deciency , meaning ( 98 -2 = 96).Now,this 96 becomes the left side of our answer.
  4. On the right hand side, put the square of the difiency .i.e; 2 x 2= 04
  5. Now for the final answer add(append), the results from Step 3 and Step 4.

Therefore , 98 x 98 =9604

Method 2 : Using Duplex Formula

Duplex Method Formulas:

D(X)= X^2
D(XY)=2 XY
D(ABCD)=(2AD) +(2BC)

Following below are few examples :


3. Squaring any Three-digit Numbers :

Vedic Maths is a vast resource of mathematical knowledge.Try them and you get to like it.For further Vedic Maths ,check the Vedic Maths link below .

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