Monday, August 8, 2011

The Actress - Fiction

Summer Evening, Edward Hopper Painting, 1947
He could smell her scent as he was standing close beside her.She was very sexy in her two piece dress,painted pink, very girly color on that white skin that would attract any men.

"I will be back soon"she said cautiously

“Yes , I can understand.You are a young , beautiful budding actress and got a life".

He could note her face drowned in pain.He can't ignore the fact that she was a prettiest actress ,even in real life. She has fallen for money and he knew it.

"Don’t forget me ", she murmured

How could he”, he thought.She had betrayed him by lying of an overseas project just to elope away with that stout eater, her rich director early morning by flight.

There was a moment of exchanging glances followed by silence.Then after sometime with out a word , he kissed her and they parted.

The next day, she came running towards him crying.

“My project has been cancelled.My director has been murdered.” she said.”All my dreams and my life has been lost ”she cried again.

He slowly held her hand and replied,” You still have got a life with me, don't you ?”.

She looked up at him. Love ! he thought as he saw her look in her eyes piercing through his mind.
He could not ignore the sarcastic smile of his conscious ,”you killer

- for a A Magpie Prompt

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