Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts shipped from Slovenia to London - from Poetry Day Jewellery

A jewellery boxes above been shipped from Slovenia to London especially gifted to me as a token of acknowledgement for using my poem on their website is indeed a special gift for any Poet.I received them with thanks and would preserve them for the rest of my life. I thought why not blog a post about their company and their website as a token of acknowledging them back  

Poetry-Day is a company run by Madeleine who is based in Piran, Slovenia.Her company provides a simple and unique  non-allergic ,tarnish resistant,nickel free and lead free jewellery that can be worn on all occasions .Her love for poems in seen everywhere from the name of her website,naming her jewellery products and  to the way she delivers her products to her customers.

Their products has derived their shape from nature capturing the beauty of trees, birds, shapes and animals.Poetry day have classified their jewellery under four names such as Forest Dreams,Live Geomentry,Vintage findings and Funky animals.Their products are crafted with utmost care and attention which I can notice from their jewellery.The circular live geometry earrings that they provided  me has been well-crafted and presented neat .

Visit her Collections at Poetry-Day : Facebook  ,Twitter ,Website , SHOP MORE 

Overall, I'm over-whelmed with their gifts and yes,I agree they are have an unique pattern.And by presenting the picture below, I thank Madeliene for her gifts and look forward to provide more poems for her in near future :).

PS: I tried my best to capture the beauty of the jewels with my own decorations .Had some special lighting also :)

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