Sunday, November 6, 2011

Loved the Milton Keynes Fireworks 2011

November 5, not only had a birthday sparkles in my home but also witnessed sparkles of Firework display  at the Campbell Park, Milton Keynes.There were already traffic in every road that reaches the park.Some people gathered around 100 miles away from park since they had no place to park and yet some walked all the way to the park since the roads were blocked.After the birthday celebration of my son ,we took a cab and then walked to the park. The fog was already there and we were all covered up in our jumpers and scarfs ready to see to the fireworks display.Already the park was in festive mood with many extreme rides and shouting and giggling all the time.The display finally started around 8.00 pm and I made sure to capture them in my HTC mobile video cam.My daugther and son  was shouting in awe and I along with my husband had a lovely satisfaction that can't be explained :).It was a spectacular Bonfire night after all.

Rides has always been my favorites and these ones in Campbell fun fair were in extremes.I just made sure I saw them than to ride on them.You dare to ride in these rides.

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