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The Real 2012 Phenomenon of Humankind on Earth

The New Year 2012 has started and we are reaching our way to Dec 21,2012 marked as the end of the world with deceiving popular beliefs that corresponds to the subsequential catastrophic events occurring all around the world . The 2012 phenomenon.  

The 2012 phenomenon ?? WHAT and WHY ?
It is a known fact that is been circulating from 1998 that the world is reaching its end very soon in the year 2012,  through all forms of medias and best-selling books.

Mayan Calender :
The Mayan civilization devised a calender called as the long count calender which uses units of 20 to calculate each cycle using the format .
1 uinal - 20 days
18 uinals - 360 days - 1 tun 
20 tuns - 1 k'atun
20 k'atun - 1 b'ak'tun-144,000 days

So, it means that the Mayan Calender means 6 b'ak'tuns, 2 k'tuns,5 tun ,9 uinals and 12 days.The Long Count's  "0 " date was set in the past marking the end of the third world and the beginning of the current one corresponding to 11 August 3114 BC in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. So now, this means that the fourth world will also have reached the end of its 13th b'ak'tun, or Mayan date, on December 21, 2012.The Mayan calender ends on this particular day marking the end of the era , a destruction or a catastrophe with the end of the world.Whereas , some scholars depicts it as a new era marking a new spiritual arisal of humankind in earth.

Planet X (or) Nibiru :
One of the belief is that there is a Planet X or brown drawf that is trailing  its  path towards the earth at the speed 40 miles per hour .It is calculated to hit the earth on Dec 21,2012. But before that, as it reaches the galatic center of the earth ,earth will undergo a lot of transforamtion under its effects with catastrophe of earthquake, tusnami,polar shifts , etc marking the end of the world.

Polar Shifts
Earth's magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia and it follows a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 to 300,000 years,That means the current North pole will become the new South Pole and vice versa.Is THIS true?? Earth's polarity is not constant.It is moving faster and scientists has estimated that the pole is migrating northward about 40 miles per year, as opposed to about 10 miles per year in the early 20th century.

The doomsday theory assumes that a pole reversal would momentarily leave Earth without the magnetic field (as it gets weakens ) which protects us from solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the sun marking the end of the world.

Planetary alignments or Galactic alignment:

It is believed that a cosmic alignment of the sun, Earth, the center of our galaxy  or perhaps the galaxy's thick dust clouds on the winter solstice could for some unknown reason lead to destruction.We all live in a moving and a circulating path called the milky way (galaxy) which hosts our Earth and other planets.Our galaxy has a galactic center about 28,000 light years away which has a black hole weighing about 4 million imes the sun's mass.

So on. Dec21,2012 , the sun will pass about 6.6 degrees north of the galactic center (about 13 times the full moon's apparent size) and it's actually closer a couple of days earlier. The notion is that as the sun enters the Dark Rift (i'e. as it bisects the galactic disc in the galactic plane , the influence of the galactic tide is weaker), it comes under the influence of the far stronger "disc tides" creating likelihood of a devastating comet impact.Such alignment occurs in Dec 21,2012 where the sun and Earth aligns themselves with the black hole in the galactic center allows some kind of massive gravitational pull on Earth destroying Earth.

Solar Storms :
Solar activity  are regular ones that occurs every year and peaks itself approximately every 11 years.On 2001, it had its peak effect ,so it is assumed that the next Solar Storm should occur after 11 years ,that is on 2012 .Solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communication and disrupt cellular connections  though no other devastating activities are calculated.

The  above are all some of the believes  with half truth and half assumptions though none have been proved to be the exact predictions.Some regular events becomes devastating events and yet some vice versa.

Soothing all the above events is the below summary that I found to be more agreeable that states the reality of humankind or say the end of the world.

Indian Prophecy of 21 December 2012
21st December 2012 is now just a little over a year away. A crescendo is going to built up as we approach D Day. I have been studying and writing about this much awaited event for some 3 years now.There is definitely going to NO END ON 21 DECEMBER 2012.Having said that, I do not mean that there is going to nothing; a lot is happening and is going to happen in the very near future.

21st December 2012, marks the peak of the Kali Yuga [the age of darkness which is underway at the present moment].according to HINDU COSMOLOGY.In the Kali Yuga the sum total of the frequencies of truthfulness decrease by 75%. .What this means is that, there is imbalance in THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, Brahma [creative], Vishnu [protective] and Mahesh [destructive].These are the three forces; the sum total of which is Existence. As of now the balance has tilted 75% in favor of the destructive forces. The origin of ancient Indian cosmology or Hindu cosmology has never been traced; unlike other systems like, the Mayan Calendar. Indian cosmology is normally believed to be of divine origin.The real significance of this prophecy, decoded by me is that the elements of destruction, can never exceed 75% of the sum total of all the frequencies which make up the cosmos; this is THE TRUTH; the real truth. If this limit is attempted to be breached, there is auto correction and the consequences are disastrous.

What this means is as of now the destructive elements, with the New World Order ,right at the top, have reached their limit. As per the Laws of nature, they cannot exceed this limit. Any attempt to do so would open the flood gates of destruction, the same way as a Dam bursts open, after the limit is reached.There are no signs of slowing down by the destructive elements, in fact more and more effort towards destructive pursuits is going on. The economic giants who control the world, now faced with collapse, after having reached the limit, are desperately trying to find more and more sources of income.

21st December 2012 as I said earlier is a date when the destructive forces peak. The period of correction[strife] began some time back. Those who wait for natural disasters,Allens and comet hits, need not do so. It is man and man alone who is responsible for the current state of affairs and the unimaginable destruction is going to be caused by man and nothing else.

The much awaited change will be caused by a huge war or World War 3.The disasters like famine and plague will be the after effects of this huge war. Mankind will survive and the world wont disappear; but life after the coming World Climax will not be the same as we know it to be now. This is the Indian prophecy which I have decoded on - 21st December 2012

On Conclusion, if we are headed towards the Doomsday , then yes, we should be prepared both mentally and spiritually to be Humans first .Each part of the world has loosen its peace in form of cultural devastation, wars for money and jobs,Humans pointing another Human within a fraction of a second.So it is really necessary to see that destruction SHOULD NOT BE caused by Humans ( through Terrorism, Nuclear weapons, Political Pitfalls ,Wars for Resources like Water and Land )  although Natural calamities are beyond our hands.

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