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Are your Parents Neglected?

Are you the one who feels that some Parents are neglected or been tagged as Home alone parents?. Now there, you are not alone. Many including myself have been feeling the same in many circumstances and mostly at the time when they are sick and they need us.Now, I have to tell you that this post is not only true for those young ones who are living life abroad but sounds true for all who feels so.Not all young ones/couples stay relaxed in foreign land leaving their loved ones back at home far far away. How many children have neglected to care their elderly parents when in need due to their presence far-away from home ?. And should I spdcify those married women who wills but could not take care of their parents at their old age due to the rules in new family circumstances existing still in India?

Money has always been the essential and basic need in everyone's life to live in this materialistic world.Every contests , sweepstakes , bills, discounts and even the basic needs of your life ( food ,water, shelter) revolves around the Money.Without money ,  you are sure to be under the dark spell of electricity cut, dirty water, no phone calls, spread newspaper cuts of cheap rented homes and even going to sleep with an empty stomach. Such is the value for Money. The same Money is what makes young men and couples in India to run abroad  leaving behind their loved parents at Home creating a mystery net of misunderstood and mismanaged relationships.

Misunderstood Relationships :

I have seen many parents tend to lack care and affection in their old age.They need no money of yours but only your presence.But parents as always up to their name.They balance life giving more freedom to their kids in choosing their kind of life.And in today's scenario, more and more young married couples settle aboard for good.I can't deny the quality of life and money received in foreign countries.You buy a plot in India ,your kids study at quality schools and your life improves. Your life circle is smooth and easy. But , there are some neglected ones.The ones who were the reason for this type of life.They were the ones who raised you on this earth sacrificing the whole life for upbringing you to this position of who you are now.But,they are left behind after you found a new life whomever you are in regard of  man or woman.Although the truth being is that they love their parents but family circumstances restricts them to do what the parents really need. Love , affection and their children's presence .

But, the catch is here.Not all is happy back at home.Why? Because of unhappy wives.I have met many young Indian women's both from North and South especially from a joint  family who prefer this type of nuclear foreign  life style which is a kind of escape from home and problems.Few men also tend to settle in this type of foreign life escaping bad clashes between his parents and his wife . Should I blame wife here? No, not at all .The wife prefer this lifestyle because back at home in India, these young women's (wives) are the most neglected ones.

So where is the key ?A Man's Attitude towards his loved ones is the only hold for this situation. Family for Men is like a Physical Balance.With wife on one side and with his parents on the other, he should be able to balance them both.He should not completely fall off left or right which is a condition of an unhappy family. And overdoing it, he falls the prey for Depression .

Now having crossed half the bridge, you might have noticed the cycle of chain revolving around Money and problem-less foreign life but somewhere a link is broken under the name of neglected old age parents of both Men and Woman which creates an imbalance to a Happy Satisfied Married Life of both the couples.

The Bloom in Internet Industry and hot use of Webcam/Chats are everywhere now because they act as bridge connecting the broken link of love /affection between family and friends.Most of all, they serve to act as panacea to the lonely hearts back at home.

If there is to be a change , then we have to reprogram  the Human mind to work for regenerating the chain of a happy family.

Only a Happy Home could create a Happy society -> Happy Country -> an Happy World .

There is no pointing fingers at anyone.No one to be blamed here.Because this is what we have been taught and learned in the process of evolution as Human beings which finally has brought us into an unrest Home and unhappy family.We need to change everything that has brought our heart to decay.If you want to change the way you live, then Change it.If you want to recreate a new life , then create it.

There is STILL TIME to bring about this change at least for your future generations ......

Time to Change the attitude of Men of demeaning woman as weaker sex and making them to feel the odd one out in his family.Don't treat her like a servant making her do all the works for your family without any time for herself. If she feels among the one in your family which should be seeded , developed and cultivated by the husband's approach of her in his family , then there is no need for neglected parents or wives.

Time to Change the attitude of woman to safeguard the links between both her birth-place relationship and new found relationships.She has to take care of her family in regard of health wealth and love. If she feels one among your family which should be seeded , cultivated and developed by the husband's approach in his family then there is no need for neglected parents and wives.

Time to Change the egoistic attitude and being flexible to each other needs in a destined bond between husband and wives .

Time to Change for the Human World to know that Value of Love is far far precious than Value of Money.

Time to Change for the December 2012 , that the new era has been inculcated not by Fear but by Love .

Time to Change and Reprogram the Human Mind to see that each one of them is a part of another human being. A piece of  a large puzzle. A connecting link that knows the weight of Love.

And Finally this is the Time of Change to accept that both the genders Husband and Wife have their duty and responsibility to take care of their Parents when in need especially in their Old Age. And you DO it and help someone DO it when you have to .... 

The Love that you Withhold  is the Pain That You Carry For Lifetime

Note : This post was is what I personally felt to be the most needed one in today's life.We work,we live but we forget some people who really made a difference in our life.The reason are circumstances.But why these circumstances has to be a barrier between unconditional love.So through this post ,I reflected my thoughts.
 Also, I as a part of Indiblogger have published this post for Time to Change contest  for "Be the voice of change and tell us what you would want to change around you!." hosted by Indiblogger .I personally thank Indiblogger and StayFree for hosting this contest 

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