Monday, June 25, 2012

Car rental companies love taking your money so make sure you get value

The world is not designed to be fair. Businesses are out to make a profit and, if that means adding some extra charges, you get left with the bill. Let's take two simple examples to prove the point. In many situations when you rent a vehicle, you actually want to go from A to B rather than do a round trip. Yet, when you look at many of the sites where you make a booking, there's nothing built in to show this. It's simply assumed you will be returning the vehicle to the collection point. Why should this be a problem? The answer is a fee for not returning the vehicle to the collection point. Paying someone to return the vehicle to where it is supposed to be, in some cases, and covering the cost of additional paperwork is the supposed reason they give for the fee, which averages at $75.

So this is where you need to act in self-defense. Don't make an online booking until you have telephoned the car rental company to find out whether an additional fee is payable and, if so, how much it is. Just think of how much one telephone call might save you. The family decide they want to visit with friends some fifty miles away. Public transport is useless. A taxi fare would need you to rob Fort Knox. But a daily rate rental dropped off at a near-by branch office would solve the problem. Except when you try to drop off the rental at that office, you are suddenly asked for an extra $75 or even more.

The wide variety of useful things and possible services that often come with rental vehicle is something you have no doubt noticed. Well, be warned! Many of the "things" you assume will be covered by the rent are actually extras you pay for if you use them. Have you had problems in hotels when you foolishly took something from the minibar? Well many car rental companies are now setting up their vehicles with fees for using the GPS navigation system, the CD player or the child safety seat so thoughtfully provided. Never leave the collection point until you understand what additional charges may apply.

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