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Tapporo App Unlimited Earning Trick


Tapporo is a new app with which you can earn prizes and $$$ by watching videos, downloading free apps and more!
With Tapporo you can get Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, Facebook Credits, Minecraft account, Hulu account, Game cards, Mobile accessories, Gadgets and many more!
Be Rewarded. Anytime. Anywhere. It's Tapporo.
Discover exciting brands by watching videos and downloading free apps to earn ORO Coins.
Pick your reward at the Tapporo Store and redeem it with your ORO coins!


1.1st of all you have to Download the Tapporo app from - Play store

2. Now Just Open the Tapporo app and register a new account in app, make sure to use valid email ADDRESS

3. Now When it asks for invite code enter this code " TAPRG758804 ". You'll get 250 ORO just instantly which is equal to 0.25$ 

4. Now To earn more you have to complete various offers, watch videos, download apps and do everything to get ORO 

5. Best option to Earn free cash is refer & earn:-You can also share the app with your friends. When they'll enter your invite code you'll get 0.60$ and they'll get 0.25$. So it's a fair game for both.

Minimum Payout is 5$=300 Rs. (you can make it from 10 invites)

If I'll feel like you guys liked this app then I'll post unlimited trick!! So make sure to download the app and use my invite code to motivate me to help you guys unlimited from this app. 
1) Rooted Android Device (i.e., your android phone must be rooted).
2) Xposed Installer
3) Donkey Guard.
4) Tapporo App.
5) Patience.
The Best Part Of The Trick Is That You Don’t Have To Verify The Account After Signup, So You Can Use Fake Emails , Name , Details or The emails That Doesn’t Exist Like jdhvjahncc@gmail.com etc 
1) After downloading Donkey Guard and Xposed Installer App, install them in your device.
2) Now Open Xposed Installer App, Goto Framework options and click oninstall/update.
3) Now wait until it installs its binaries and ask you to reboot your device. When it ask to reboot your device click on Ok button.
4) After completion of reboot, Open Xposed Installer again and goto modules, check (mark) Donkey Guard Option there.
5) Press back and goto framework , press soft reboot button, it will pop out a dialog, choose Ok option.
6) After completion of soft reboot, open Donkey Guard App.
7) Now press Left Selection Key, a drawer with few options will pop out, choose application search in it.
8) In actionbar two icons will appear, click on search icon and type tapp in it.
9) It will show you the matches of the word tapp, one among them istapporo, click on tapporo app

10) Now click on settings of tapporo app using donkey guard.

11) Click on Identity.

12) Click (x) icon for accounts and read contacts.
13) For Android Id and Device Id, click on pencil icon, choose randomoption and click on save button.
14) Now at top right corner you will find a floppy like icon click on it to save your settings.
15) Now goto Tapporo app and sign up using any email etc etc and use my referral code to get $0.25 for joining bonus.Code: TAPRG758804
Clear data of tapporo app andvRepeat the process again from Step 7.
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