Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hack Wifi using android device (with Proof)

Hi, friends i am going to tell you about how to hack wifi network with android may you like it.

So let's start, To hack any wifi network you have:-
1- Rooted Android device ( for more information about rooting search on Google)
2- So first of all you have to install busy box pro edition from Here
3- Now install WPA WPS Tester premium from Here
Now follow the below steps :-
  • Open busybox app and click on allow permission.
  • Now open the busybox app and click on install and then wait till it installed
  • After successful installation close the app.
  • Now open WPA WPS Tester app and click on above refresh icon as shown below
  • Now you will see all the wifi networks
  • Click on any wifi network with green logo
  • Now click on connect automatically 
  • Allow the root permissions and let the app works.
  • Sit back it will automatically gives you the password.
  • Now copy the password and enjoy free wifi.
Hurray you will now using a free wifi...
NOTE:- This is only for educational purpose please do not use it to harm anyone. If you use it for any illegal purpose then we are not responsible for it.

 Networks that i hack using this
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