Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iPad Giveaway by WPWebHost!

WPWebHost is alsways great at giveaways.First ,it was the WordPress Domain free for one year and now it is the ipad.I came through this giveaway in my inbox and here now I am sharing it to all those who want to try their luck.Of course Luck sometimes knocks our laptop door to open.

This time they are  giving away a brand new “super extreme revolutionary iPad 2 (16 GB with Wi-Fi)” to you for FREE!

To win the rules are very simple.
  1. They have few banner styles for you to copy and paste like I have in mine
  2. Then post a tweet about WPWebHost iPad2 Giveaway with hashtag #wpwebhost and link back to this post.
  3. The banner code must remain active in your blog/website until the end of the giveaway, 30 April 2011.
  4. Leave a comment here with your blog/website URL and the tweet URL you have posted.
  5. Participations are accepted until 30 April 2011.
So then ,now the winner are randomly picked using list randomizer in Random.org after the giveaway ends and they email the winner.

The Giveaway link:WPWebHostFree iPad

Give a try and hope you win a ipad!

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