Friday, April 22, 2011

Copyright Infringement!

Copyright Infringement!

Yes,today I am going to talk about them.I did a google search with my name on this famous search engine.I got all the links with my name.I was happy to see my posts and also shocked to see my post in some other websites too.They had used my name and my post in their posts without my knowledge.Very sad ,that there are few who makes use of the writers who really blogged to share  the knowledge and talent to the world. I even wouldn't know where all my poems and post which I write in my precious time squeezing my mind.We writers dont get acknowledgement form any one higher ,we encourage one other poeters making them and also write.It's the motivation we receive to write.

But what with those who use our work without asking permissions .Its real pain when we our work reproduced somewhere else without our notice.

I dont know how many poeters out there gets their poems somewhere else without their  notice...just do a google will know

Here are the few shocks I received .THEY ARE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS

  ---Most of the  poems on "exploring poetry I saw here was a shock to me.A short notice would have  helped so but he seems to ignore my comments and mails and still continuing to use my poems on his website. -My post here too. Again, a mail would have been better.

There are some genuine websites ,when interested in some works they see on website, ask the respective owner's permission and use them in their website.It just takes a email or a message. So everyone is happy from the mutual benefits .

So anyone who want to use any written post , kindly notice the respective owners and ask permission.

We /they will be happy to give you our/their work  if they feel they wanted to.

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