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Poetry SCAMS and Contests

Scams are everywhere.They did'nt even leave poetry.Being a poetess myself and loved to be published,I googled many poetry contests and submissions and know what I found out.Most of them did not reply to my submissions.But in return I shouldn't be surprised to see my Poetry published somewhere in Internet .

Learning about poetry scams ,I came through few useful sites siting the links which are really useful.Hope it helps you too.I am posting this one here in my writing blog and will link in all my other blogs too.

Some helpful links:
Information about and Noble House: 
Writers warnings re: magazines, contests:
SFWA�s (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) "Beware" page
Possible scam publishers and who to contact if you�re a scam victim:

The postal inspector�s website for the fraud form:
Advice on how to sell your poetry legitimately:
Post and read warnings for writers about deadbeat publications and writing scams here: Absolute Write "Bewares" Board

Sources for legitimate contests:

3. Deadlines List in Writers Digest Magazine

Good Luck!

Note from the Editor: I just wrote a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about the National Library of Poetry (a.k.a. The International Library of Poetry,, and the International Society of Poets), one of the longest-standing and most notorious poetry scams.  Please note that this is a vanity press (you will get glowing letters of acceptance and contest placements, but they make their money by selling their "contest winners" copies of anthologies and other products and services).  I got a letter back saying that the BBB didn't see anything wrong with the amazingly misleading come-ons from this company.  If you are outraged as I am that the Better Business Bureau continues to list them "in good standing," please visit here to let your voice be heard:, or write them a letter:

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland, Inc.
2100 Huntington Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211-3215
Jerry Duncan, Director of Complaints 

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Read Seven Deadly Signs of Poetry  too !

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